Harmony In Tandem

Completed 1980

Sculpture Dimensions:

6 1/2”H X 16” L X 12” D

Sculpture Medium:


About the Sculpture:

Introducing “Harmony in Tandem,” a mesmerizing bronze sculpture radiating with the essence of unity and synchrony. Completed in 1980, this enchanting piece stands at 6 1/2 inches in height, stretching 16 inches in length and 12 inches in depth. Crafted with meticulous detail, “Harmony in Tandem” captures the delicate balance between two figures, seamlessly entwined in a dance of harmony and grace. Each curve and contour speaks of a deep connection, symbolizing the beauty found in shared moments of synchronicity. Whether displayed in a gallery or a personal space, this evocative artwork serves as a timeless reminder of the power of unity and the profound beauty that arises when souls move in tandem.

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