The Heritage at Locust Street



Walnut Creek, CA



Project Description:

Nazeri Architects is proud to unveil The Heritage, a distinctive commercial venture situated in the heart of downtown Walnut Creek, CA, a vibrant suburb of San Francisco. This project emerges on a challenging narrow lot, where our innovative architectural approach was guided by stringent city zoning requirements. The Heritage stands on the footprint of a former one-story building, which, having reached the end of its life cycle, provided a unique foundation for our design.

Client Objectives:

Our client sought to replace the outdated structure with a new commercial building that could adapt to the evolving demands of Walnut Creek’s bustling downtown area. The primary goal was to introduce a modern, functional space that could accommodate both retail and office use, ensuring a versatile environment for businesses to thrive.

Design Highlights:

In response to our client’s vision, The Heritage has been meticulously crafted as a multi-use commercial edifice that seamlessly integrates retail spaces with modern office facilities. Our design strategy embraces the unique constraints of the site, transforming them into distinctive features that enhance the building’s appeal and functionality.

Key Features of The Heritage:

  • Multi-Use Flexibility: Designed to cater to a diverse range of commercial activities, The Heritage offers expansive retail areas complemented by state-of-the-art office spaces, providing a dynamic environment for businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Engaging Outdoor Connection: Recognizing the importance of outdoor space in commercial settings, our design includes a direct link to the rear of the building from the street. This connection is elegantly realized through a pathway lined with paved tiles, offering an inviting transition into the building. Alongside, benches, vegetated fences, and a striking 20-foot-tall living wall create a serene oasis in the urban landscape, fostering a sense of community and well-being.
  • Landscaped Fences: The perimeter of The Heritage is defined by landscaped fences, which not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building but also contribute to the green infrastructure of downtown Walnut Creek, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable and harmonious design.


The Heritage by Nazeri Architects is more than just a commercial building; it is a testament to the harmonious integration of form, function, and sustainability. Through innovative design solutions, we have transformed a narrow lot into a vibrant commercial hub that respects its historical roots while looking forward to the future of urban development. The Heritage stands as a beacon of architectural excellence and a cornerstone for business in Walnut Creek, ready to meet the demands of the modern commercial landscape.

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