48 Unit Apartment Project



Oakland, CA


Multi-Family Housing

Project Description:

The 48-Unit Apartment project stands out for its strategic response to the constraints and opportunities presented by its narrow lot. The design team was tasked with a challenging brief: to maximize the number of residential units without compromising on the aesthetic appeal and livability of the space. This called for a creative reimagining of traditional multi-family housing designs, leading to the creation of an apartment complex that is both efficient in its use of space and visually striking.

Design Philosophy:

At the core of the project’s design philosophy is the belief that density should not detract from quality of living. Through innovative architectural techniques and thoughtful space planning, the project successfully houses 48 individual units, each designed to offer comfort, privacy, and a sense of community to its residents. The architecture harmoniously integrates into the urban fabric of Oakland, contributing positively to the cityscape and setting a new standard for multi-family housing in the area.

Aesthetic Considerations:

Understanding the client’s requirement for an aesthetically pleasing design, the architectural team employed a mix of modern design elements and traditional materials to create a façade that is both contemporary and inviting. The building’s exterior is characterized by clean lines, balanced proportions, and a palette of materials that reflect the natural beauty of the Oakland area. Landscaping and communal spaces are strategically incorporated to enhance the living experience, promoting interaction among residents and fostering a sense of community.

Maximizing Unit Numbers:

The clever use of space is a hallmark of the 48-Unit Apartment project. Every square inch of the narrow lot has been optimized to not only accommodate the maximum number of units but also to ensure that each apartment is light-filled, well-ventilated, and spacious. This was achieved through meticulous planning and the adoption of space-saving design solutions that do not sacrifice the quality of living. The layout of the units and the overall building design reflect a deep understanding of urban living needs, providing a model for future developments in similar settings.


The 48-Unit Apartment project in Oakland, CA, is a shining example of how thoughtful design can address the dual challenges of density and aesthetics in urban housing. By maximizing the number of units while creating a visually appealing and comfortable living environment, the project demonstrates that with creativity and commitment, architects and developers can deliver solutions that meet the demands of modern urbanites. This project not only adds valuable housing stock to Oakland but also enriches the architectural landscape of the city, paving the way for future developments to follow its lead in sustainable, community-focused design.

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