Mixed-Use Commercial & 12-Unit Residential Building



Millbrae, CA


Commercial & Residential

Project Description:

In the bustling downtown of Millbrae, CA, 411 Broadway stands as a landmark project that encapsulates the dynamism of mixed-use development. This infill construction spans a 50’x100’ lot, ingeniously accommodating both commercial vitality and residential comfort within its compact footprint. Designed to enhance the urban fabric of Millbrae, 411 Broadway integrates ground floor retail spaces with 12 modern apartments spread over two floors, all while incorporating essential amenities such as an elevator, a trash compactor, and required staircases.

Client Vision:

The client’s ambition was to create a space that embodies the essence of mixed-use development, offering a blend of commercial and residential functionalities. The goal was to contribute positively to the urban landscape of Millbrae by providing a building that meets the needs of a diverse community of residents, retailers, and visitors. Faced with the challenge of a tight site, the vision was to maximize the utility and appeal of the space without compromising on design quality or living standards.

Design Challenges & Solutions:

The primary challenge in bringing 411 Broadway to life was the site’s limited dimensions. The design team employed innovative architectural strategies to navigate these constraints, ensuring that the building offers spacious retail areas and comfortable residential units.

Key Features of 411 Broadway:

  • Optimized Mixed-Use Layout: The ground floor is dedicated to retail spaces, designed to attract foot traffic and provide valuable services to the community. Above, the residential floors house 12 apartments, offering a variety of layouts to cater to different preferences and needs.

  • Comprehensive Amenities: Despite the site’s limitations, the building incorporates essential amenities such as an elevator for easy access, a trash compactor for environmental efficiency, and well-designed staircases that ensure safety and connectivity between floors.

  • Architectural Ingenuity: The project’s design maximizes natural light and ventilation, enhancing the quality of life for residents and creating inviting spaces for commercial tenants. The use of modern materials and construction techniques also ensures that the building is both aesthetically pleasing and sustainably built.


411 Broadway is a testament to the possibilities of mixed-use development in urban infill contexts. Through careful planning and innovative design, this project overcomes the challenges of a constrained site to provide a vibrant hub for commercial activity and a comfortable enclave for residential life. In doing so, it contributes to the ongoing revitalization of downtown Millbrae, offering a model for future development that is both community-focused and sustainable.

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