8-Unit Multi-Family Apartments Facade Study



San Francisco, CA


Multi-Family Residential

Project Description:

In the bustling urban environment of San Francisco, the 1358 Van Ness project carves out a unique identity with its innovative design and thoughtful integration into the city’s architectural vernacular. This 8-unit apartment building, spread across four floors, showcases the possibilities of modern living while adhering to the rigorous zoning and design regulations that define San Francisco’s urban fabric.

Architectural Innovation within Constraints:

Crafting a new structure within the constraints of San Francisco’s detailed regulatory environment posed a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The project team embarked on a meticulous design process, aiming to maximize living space, natural light, and resident privacy within the permitted building envelope. The result is a building that not only meets but exceeds the expectations set by city guidelines, providing a model for future development in restricted urban areas.

Design Philosophy:

The 1358 Van Ness project is rooted in a design philosophy that prioritizes the needs and well-being of its residents. By focusing on creating spacious, light-filled units that offer both privacy and community, the design team has established a new benchmark for multi-family housing in San Francisco. The building’s architecture reflects the city’s unique character while incorporating modern elements that speak to the evolving desires of urban dwellers.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges:

Successfully navigating the complex regulatory landscape of San Francisco required a collaborative approach between architects, city planners, and the community. Every aspect of the building’s design, from its height and massing to the materials used and the inclusion of green spaces, was carefully considered to align with city regulations and community expectations. This cooperative process ensured that 1358 Van Ness would enhance the urban environment while respecting the architectural heritage and zoning laws that define San Francisco.


The 1358 Van Ness project stands as a shining example of how innovative architectural design can harmonize with stringent urban development regulations to create spaces that are both beautiful and livable. Through its 8 thoughtfully designed units, this apartment building enriches the San Francisco housing landscape, offering a forward-thinking approach to urban living. As residents move in and the community around 1358 Van Ness grows, the project will undoubtedly serve as a landmark of multi-family housing excellence in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

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