Camino Diablo Office Building



Walnut Creek, CA



Project Description:

Camino Diablo emerges as a phoenix in Walnut Creek, CA, representing the rebirth of a structure that was once marred by fire. This two-story commercial building has been meticulously reconstructed, embodying the essence of its predecessor while embracing the future through enhanced amenities and design innovations. Our vision was to not only restore what was lost but to transcend it, creating a space that acknowledges its past and propels into the future.

Client Vision:

The directive was clear: to resurrect the fire-damaged building, retaining its original aesthetic appeal, yet infusing it with modern functionalities and conveniences. The client sought to create a seamless blend of history and progress, ensuring that Camino Diablo would stand as a testament to resilience and forward-thinking design. The addition of a new lobby and a bridge connecting the old and new segments of the building are pivotal elements that symbolize the linkage of past and future.

Design Highlights:

At the heart of Camino Diablo’s design is the commitment to preserving the building’s original charm while enhancing its utility and appeal through contemporary amenities. The architectural strategy was twofold: to honor the legacy of the original structure and to introduce elements that would elevate the user experience to new heights.

Key Features of Camino Diablo:

  • Elegant Restoration: The exterior design closely mirrors the original building, paying homage to its historical significance while employing modern materials and techniques for resilience and sustainability.

  • Modern Amenities: The newly designed lobby serves as a welcoming entrance, blending elegance with functionality. It sets the tone for the building’s rejuvenated identity, offering a space that is both inviting and impressive.

  • Innovative Connectivity: A pivotal addition to the structure is the bridge that links the old and new segments of the building. This feature not only enhances the architectural aesthetic but also facilitates a seamless flow within the space, symbolizing a bridge between the past and the present.


Camino Diablo stands as a beacon of renewal in Walnut Creek, embodying the spirit of resilience and innovation. Through careful restoration and thoughtful enhancement, the project honors its history while embracing the future, offering a commercial space that is rich in heritage and abundant in modern amenities. This building is not just a structure; it is a landmark that celebrates the enduring strength and potential of Walnut Creek’s commercial landscape.

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